Back in 2007, when I first joined Facebook and had my regular FB page and my ‘Fashion Like’ page, I was planning to write about the ‘real world’ of the fashion-biz…all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on… the insider stuff.

I also, thought I should make a reality show about working in the garment industry because you can’t make that S**T up! But that’s another Blog Story.

Now, I have a sarcastic funny side to me…kinda ‘tongue in cheek’ sense of humor that the people who know me and ‘get me’ love and these are also the people who want me to write a book about my life:)

So, those friends said: ‘YES! You need to write about this…it’s going to be amazing, you HAVE to do this!


Well, here it is 2016 and after resisting ‘exposing myself’ (for various reasons that will be revealed in future blogs)… I’m finally writing a Blog.


Imagine the Social Media following I would have built had I started then…the exposure I would have had…the Success LOL……IF I had followed my INTUITION and not my FEAR of writing my Truth and Opinion and ‘what others would have thought of me?’ 


So this is how I’m starting Blog #1: at the beginning…

Listen to your intuition and be true to ‘who you really are.’    shakespere-quote

That’s what Style-Shift is about: Connecting to your true authentic self, living every area of your life in your Signature Style. Living from the Inside-Out.


I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you and I look forward to hearing yours in the comment section below.

To be continued….

XOSS Saundra

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